Unlock your career potential with our free online course for jobseekers – 5 Steps To Work

Maximise your potential

Our online course, 5 Steps To Work, is designed to help job seekers unlock their career potential and secure their perfect next job.

5 Steps To Work

5 steps to work is an online course covering 5 key modules in the job application process that you can complete in your own time and at your own pace. The aim of the course is to help you understand your personal brand and where your potential lies, learning how to communicate this effectively to potential employers, arming you with all the tools and resources to make finding, interviewing and securing a job you really want and can succeed in more achievable.

If you are interested in taking our free online course please email lottie@andersonhoare.co.uk to receive your access code.

What is 5 Steps to Work?

5 Steps To Work is all about learning how to maximise your potential and communicate this articulately and convincingly during your job application process. This is a fundamental step in achieving career success. We all have the ability to succeed in our career goals, rising above our basic abilities and climbing the ladder in any chosen career or vocation, however it can take work to unlock exactly what it is we want and how we are able to achieve it.

The impression you give of yourself to a potential employer starts the moment you apply for a job and continues to develop through the job application process, influenced by factors such as how your CV is written and presented, how you appear and conduct yourself during interviews and the way in which you answer, and ask, questions. Right now, the job market is extremely competitive and being able to articulate your skills and value, and communicate what makes you stand out effectively, is one of the best ways to securing the role you really want.

To help everyone currently job searching we’re delivering a free online course called 5 Steps To Work, as well as a more extensive, professional lead, one-on-one mentoring programme. These are designed to help you understand how to maximise your potential and successfully secure a role in which you can thrive.

Is this course right for me?

We appreciate that right now many people have found themselves suddenly and unexpectedly looking for work. You may not have been a job seeker for a while and are finding the process overwhelming or you may have been looking for longer than you anticipated and are losing motivation. Whatever your situation we’re here to help and in our free online course, ‘5 Steps To Work’, we’ll take you through every stage of your job search, right from our first module ‘Who Do You Think You Are’ through to visualising your ideal career, interviewing with confidence and finally, closing the deal.

To get access to the course please email lottie@andersonhoare.co.uk for your free access code.

Enhanced, one-on-one career coaching.

Due to COVID-19 many employers have found themselves in the difficult and unfortunate position of having to make staff redundant. When this is the case an enhanced redundancy package that includes one-on-one mentoring by recruitment professionals can help redundant employees transition into a new role quicker, and with less stress and upheaval, than if they had to manage the process on their own. Our enhanced 5 Steps To Work online course includes all the basic elements of the free course above but with the addition of a dedicated recruitment advisor who will guide the student through the course, providing one-on-one mentoring and advice at every stage. Students will work through the course individually and at their own pace but will be fully supported by a dedicated member of our team, meaning they have the chance to ask questions, have their work assessed and generally be guided by someone who knows the interviewing process and job market inside out. This enhanced career coaching package provides an invaluable opportunity to help a redundant employee find a new role with minimal stress in what is a very difficult job market.

If you are interested in adding this service to your redundancy package, or would like to find out more, please get in touch with Lottie on lottie@andersonhoare.co.uk.