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Zoe BickfordDirector 7 Dec 2021
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The Benefits Of Temping

As usual in the run up to Christmas & New Year we are seeing many of our clients looking for temp help from our pool of candidates. We’ve noticed that temporary positions have significantly increased since the pandemic because of the way the working environment has changed since Covid. This means that currently, there are more temporary jobs available than ever before.

Many people are considering a career change or still stuck looking for their dream job since being made redundant during the pandemic. Temporary jobs in London can offer a range of benefits if you are looking for a role to help you earn a bit of income whilst looking for your dream job.

We’ve put together the top 5 benefits of temping:


Taking on a temporary role will give you an immediate income whilst you are searching for your permanent role. Being able to earn money whilst job searching will take a huge amount of stress off your shoulders as you’ll still be able to pay your bills and look for work.

Very little commitment

If you want a job but don’t want to commit because you are still searching for your dream one then temping is for you! With the majority of our clients you would only need to give a week’s notice if you get offered a full time role.

A boost in confidence and skill set __

When you are working you are immediately more confident, it’s much better to look for a new role whilst earning money instead of being unemployed and job searching. The job desperation vanishes because you are earning money and you are also picking up new skills whilst working. This confidence will show when you go in for interviews and you are more likely to get the job you want.

Testing the waters

Temp work is a great way to test out a new industry or role that you haven’t tried before, it’s also a great opportunity to build your personal network and make new connections with people who can help you in the future with your job search.

Temp work can turn permanent text in italic

One of the main benefits of temping is that if you test the waters at a company and you build a good relationship with the team you are working for, often they end up offering you a full time job!

There are many more benefits to temp work, if you’d like to get a temp job whilst you are searching for your permanent role, feel free to get in touch with Zoe Bickford zoe@andersonhoare.co.uk and she’ll be able to help you find the right temp role. Or if you know someone who is looking for temporary work please put them in touch with us.