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Charlotte SimmonsMarketing6 Oct 2021
  • salary review

2021 Salary Review

It’s been a very busy few months for us, it’s great to see that the market is almost back to where it was before the pandemic. New permanent roles seem to be rising faster than temp roles, although temp bookings had a head start earlier in the year. Overall we’ve seen salaries for permanent roles have increased but there hasn’t been a reported change on the hourly rate for temp roles.
Because of the marked rise in permanent vacancies good talent is in short supply. Clients who want to attract the best candidates have to be ready with their offers, this means having employment contracts ready for signature, be open to paying a fraction over the normal pay rate and making sure that they are offering good perks and attractive flexible packages.

We are frequently asked by our clients whether or not salaries should be in the job description, we always advise our clients to be open about the salary even if it is a range, being transparent will avoid any wasted time on either side. Always include information on the benefits package too.

We also predict that the trend to return to offices will continue into 2022 and therefore demand for office space will go up. Flexible leases and shared office spaces will increase in demand too, the trend towards hybrid working hasn’t flattened, in fact many clients feel it gives them a competitive edge when hiring.

Please find below our 2021 salary review based on placements that have taken place this year, from Junior Receptionists right through to Executive Assistants. We’ve also included the hourly salary ranges for temporary roles. If you’d like any additional information or advice when it comes to salaries during your recruitment process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.


salary review