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Lottie Mayland10 Mar 2020
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Anderson Hoare’s COVID-19 Contingency Plan For Clients

COVID-19 is a challenge to everyone working in an office and developing ways of minimising the virus spreading are the top priority. With this in mind, we appreciate that many of our clients will be wary about meeting new people or interviewing candidates. Nobody knows how long the impact of COVID-19 will last, but while we deal with it we have put in place a number of measures which will help business carry on as normal, for us and you.

As experienced recruitment professionals, we see two things as fundamental above all else - we communicate with each other and we stick to the facts. In response to the Government raising the threat level in the UK to Moderate, Anderson Hoare has developed three main solutions:

Remote Working Strategy

We have launched our remote working strategy and all our consultants are equipped with all the technology to work from home. Anderson Hoare invested in a new IT infrastructure in 2019 meaning the business and our consultants are no longer tied to an office as far as our communication, consultant access to the database and ability to manage the processing of weekly temp timesheets and payroll are concerned.

Following a successful trial where all our consultants have worked from home we can confirm our IT and communication systems are robust.
Therefore, if we are advised not to travel into central London all our consultants can continue to work from home or from small teams away from the office with no impact on our ability to work as normal.

Interviews via Facetime

We will conduct all interviews via Facetime, Skype or your favoured video calling method. Our consultants can set this up in minutes just as we would coordinate a standard, in-person interview, taking care of all logistics and practical details. Please let us know what method of virtual interview you would like to use, and we can make this happen.

Virtual Assistants

We have a team of readily available virtual assistants who are able to work remotely should you require an assistant urgently. All our virtual assistants are set up with all the technology needed to work from home and are used to picking up projects and are highly competent in all traditional PA/EA skills. Our consultant Zoe can facilitate this, please get in touch with her here.

Essentially, our main goal is to ensure that you are able to carry on doing business efficiently and safely with minimum disruption. Keep up to date with all the latest information from the Government here.