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Lizzie DowdellResourcer7 Jun 2019
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What Makes A Great CV?

Lizzie is our resourcer which means she is the one who assesses every CV that is sent through to us and filters them to the appropriate consultant. Reading so many CVs Lizzie is now a total pro; she knows what makes a great one (and a bad one…) and last Friday she went live on our Instagram stories to answer all the questions we countlessly get asked about CVs from clients and candidates. Want to know the perfect length, what skills to emphasise, or how much detail to go into? Read her answers below:

Do you think I should include a picture of myself on my CV? No, it’s not necessary to include a picture, some employers could be put off by this!

How long should your CV be? There’s no set amount of pages your CV should be..as long as it includes all relevant experience but in a condensed format (do not waffle)

What do employees look for? A good education/background, well formatted CV, relevant experience to the role/s in which you are applying for

Should I include interests on my CV? Not needed but perhaps you could include a few sentences on a profile for yourself- to sell yourself.

What would make my CV stand out? A very neat, clear and concise format..employers won’t want to read waffle. Always bullet point your experience to make it a clearer read.

Is there anything you think I should avoid putting on my CV? Irrelevant experience, do not repeat yourself

Should I include my DOB on my CV? Not necessary

How do I get around gaps in my CV? Include a little sentence/bullet point to explain the gap. This will ensure you have legitimate reasons for these gaps when your CV is put in front of the employer.

If I went travelling, should I include this period on my CV? Yes, absolutely…employers like to see this and you do not want a unexplained gap on your CV

How far back should my CV go? Ensure your work experience begins after completing any level of education

Do I need to include a covering letter? You only need to include a covering letter if asked for one, if not it is not necessary- employers may be put off by this

Do I need to list my achievements? Yes, if you have some great achievements it would be a good idea to list a few- shows your employer that you are hardworking, ambitious and achieve your goals.