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Zoe BickfordTemporary Consultant3 May 2019
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Everything You Need To Know About Temping

Whether you’re in-between jobs, working part-time, or perhaps pursuing a vocation and have unconfirmed hours, anyone can find temporary office work (head to our job board here for our latest roles) and it’s far easier to get into that you might think. But how do you find temporary admin work? Do you need any qualifications to work as a temp? Or to be available all the time? These are just some of the questions Zoe, our temporaries manager, gets asked daily, so we hosted a live Q&A with her on our Instagram Stories to share these common questions around temping and bust the myths once and for all!

We asked all our followers to ask questions and for those that missed the Q&A the answers below. If you want anymore advice about temping click here and read all about how to boss being a temp.

Q&A with Zoe Bickford, our Temporary Consultant.

Q: What makes you have a great relationship with a temp A: For me, COMMUNICATION. Keep me up to date with what you're doing and what you want.

Q: Do I need any qualifications to temp? A: No. Although secretarial qualifications from Quest or Oxford Media and Business School is always a bonus 😊.

Q: Do temp jobs often go perm? A: It totally depends what the situation is. If you are temping whilst the client is looking for someone permanent then the probability of a temp job becoming perm is higher.

Q: Do I have to be available all the time? A: No way! That is the beauty of temping- the flexibility

Q: Will you match me with roles based on my personality and past experience or just send me to anything that’s available? A: Our speciality at Anderson Hoare is fit, even for short term temp roles we’ll always take into account both skill set and personality.

Q: I want a full time job, should I temp while I’m looking? A: Absolutely, it’s a great way to get a flavour of what the current market is like and experience different types of industries and companies!

Q: How long have you worked in recruiting? A: 5 years!

Q: What do you eat for breakfast? A: Haha, porridge! Mornings can be manic with last minute bookings so fuel is needed!

Q: What kind of hourly wage can I expect? A: It totally depends on experience and the role. We place people in reception roles right through to senior EA covers and hourly wage is normally in line with typical yearly salaries.

Q: Can I work from home as a temp? A: No, temp covers are office based.

Q: Will I have to have an interview to temp? A: You’ll have to have an interview with us, we ensure we meet all our candidates. All our clients are different, so this will depend on how last minute the booking is, and/or the companies preference.

Q: Do I need to provide references? A: Yes.

Q: How long do temp jobs normally last? A: Temp admin roles can be anything from day covers (covering sick leave), to week covers (covering holidays), to longer stints (covering whilst they find a permanent hire).

Q: How will I know what to do when I get there? A: You will be fully briefed with address, skills required, pay rate, dress code and who to ask for on arrival.

Q: How do I get paid? A: Good question! We run a payroll weekly. You simply fill out a timesheet at the end of each week and send it through to us.

Q: What type of clients do you work with? A: We work with a wide range of client who are looking to fill temporary office roles. I could be working with a PR agency and a wealth management company in the same hour!

Q: How do I sign up to temping? A: Pop me an email- zoe@andersonhoare.co.uk

Browse all our latest temp jobs on our job board here, and read our blog on how to boss being a temp here for more advice!