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Zoe BickfordTemp Manager 23 Jan 2019
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How To Boss At Being A Temp

In-between jobs, studying or perhaps you’re starting a business and need some work on the side? Whatever the reason, for anyone looking for a lot of flexibility and not a lot of responsibility, temping can be a fantastic opportunity.

Temp jobs are last minute and ad hoc in their nature, however, they are also a valuable source of work experience and provide a great ‘try before you buy’ introduction to different industries and working styles. Many temp jobs lead into permanent positions and our most successful temps often find themselves in a position to pick and choose which jobs they accept. A rare privilege in any working environment.

But to be in this position you have to impress, you have to be adaptable and ready to hit the ground running wherever you’re sent. A good attitude and can-do approach is crucial and no one has a better inside scoop on how to boss at being a temp than our temporaries manager Zoe. We think the temp industry is going to boom in 2019, so to make sure you make the most of this, Zoe has shared her 4 golden rules on how to be an exceptional temp. Changing the stigma that some people have of temps and ensuring you’re asked to come back.

1. Commitment

This is all about attitude and your own work ethic and values. As a temp, you will start to build your own reputation in the market, the goal is to get clients to buy into you so that you get more bookings. Successful temps will turn up on time, be proactive, use initiative and commit to scheduled assignments. Stigma - Temps pull out of bookings or never turn up on time Change - Commit to a booking and take the job seriously

2. Build rapport!

I love a chat. Text me, email me, phone me, Whatsapp me! TALK TO ME! Let me know your availability, feedback from jobs, any questions or if you are experiencing any problems. Stigma - Temps don’t stay in touch Change - Make friends with me, I’m here to help! 😊 Join our Instagram network and stay up to date with our latest jobs and a few lols and laughs!

3. Dress to impress

Knowing what to wear can sometimes be tricky when temping as we cover a range of different clients and lots have specific dress codes. My job is to let you know what the office environment and dress code is like, it’s important to dress appropriately for each temp booking. Stigma- Temps always stick out and look scruffy Change- If in doubt, dress to impress 😉

4. Adios social media

I love Instagram. I love online shopping. But there is a time and a place for both, and I’m afraid scrolling at work just isn’t it. Being proactive is a big one for clients and sitting on your phone with your head away from your screen does not give the best impression. Stigma - Temps are disinterested and glued to their phones Change - Pop your phone in your bag. Temptation no more!

So, they we are, show your temporary employer that you take their work just as importantly as if it were a long-term contract and you will be noticed. Demonstrate a winning attitude and follow the rules above and you’ll guarantee repeat books, a good reputation and a far better chance of making the most of temp opportunities.