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Our Services

As well as full-service recruitment, at Anderson Hoare we offer a number of other options to help you hire staff. We understand that some of our clients will want more flexibility around how they hire and where they require assistance within the hiring process, and that’s why we’ve split our expertise into a number of different services for you to choose from.

Salary benchmarking

Each year we publish our annual salary survey which is based on benchmarking data from across the executive support industry, ranging from receptionists right through to seniors EAs in a variety of different industries. If you would like a copy of our salary survey then please get in touch with us directly.

Background checks

Often overlooked but a crucial component in any situation where a new employee is hired. We can take care of the entire process for you, working with our partners to carry out comprehensive background checks on anyone you are considering employing, ensuring all checks are Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) compliant, follow the guidelines of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and cover all standard, and any specific, details that you will need to know.

Reference checks

We have the expertise and resources to carry out reference checks on anyone you are considering hiring. This works well if you have found a candidate yourself who you are considering employing but want to be extra certain that their background is as described. We do this as standard for all our clients but can just as easily offer it as a separate service.

Payroll Services

We are able to provide solutions for your payroll problems by putting your employees on our payroll, which we run weekly and monthly. Your employees will be paid their rate and have their contributions, including holiday, NI and pension, covered. We then invoice you directly.  This service is particularly useful for clients who might be based abroad and not have payroll set up in the UK, are in the middle of relocating, not PAYE registered, or perhaps do not have the in-house expertise or are dealing with problems arising because of IR35 (as of April 2021). It is a seamless process that has worked well for many of our clients across several years.

HR consultancy

Within our team we have fully trained HR specialists (CIPD) meaning we can take the lead on many HR functions if you do not have the expertise in house. These have historically involved helping our clients to improve their employer brand by advising on employee retention techniques, setting up employee wellness initiatives and benefit packages and providing a coaching and mentoring service for current employees.

Interview screening

Should you prefer to carry out the process of sourcing candidates yourself we can step in at the interview stage and run the interview process for you. We can work with you in a number of ways; this could involve teaming up and sitting on your interview panel, providing an extra interview for candidates who have reached the final stage to help decide between two strong potentials, or carrying out the entire process for you – including coordinating and scheduling all interviews. We have the technology to carry out interviews via Video Call or we can conduct them in our office, your office or at an agreed third-party location. This has been useful for clients who would rather a trained, non-biased, third party interview their potential hires. This is helpful to both ensure all relevant questions are covered during the interview while also to offer a detached, neutral, and professional opinion on the candidate.

Psychometric testing

Psychometric tests help to identify a potential employee’s skills, knowledge and personality. These tests are a proven way to determine whether a potential employee is the right fit for your company and will be a good long-term hire. Diana Anderson is fully qualified to carry out psychometric tests, and once complete, they provide you with a full and comprehensive report on the candidate.

Enhanced redundancy service

This service has recently been useful for clients who have taken the hard decision to make an employee, or number of employees, redundant. During redundancies, many companies offer an enhanced package to employees who unfortunately lose their jobs to help ease the transition away from their current employer and quickly find a new one. We have been the recruitment partner of choice in a number of these situations and this service can help redundant employees enormously. Not only can we help them secure a new role but we also offer training and mentor programs, working with them to improve their employability and hone their skill sets.