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Lottie Sharland2 Oct 2019
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Salary Survey 2019

2019 has been a busy year for us at Anderson Hoare and we remain cautiously optimistic about the strength of the PA recruitment sector in central London, despite the political indecision that surrounds us as we move into 2020.

Whilst there is huge uncertainty both economically and politically this does not seem to have prevented our clients from looking to hire new employees. In fact, it has put more focus on hiring the right employees and we have found that the need for our services, which offer the human element in the hiring process, is only growing as clients look for reassurance and advice that their new employees will be a good long term fit. This ties in with an increased focus on retention; many of our clients have told us their training budgets have increased, and be it for temporary, permanent or contract positions, they are focussed on finding high-quality candidates, understanding the need for a strong, stable team.

Regarding industry we’ve seen an increase in start-ups, in particular, the Fintech and Pharmaceutical sectors, looking to hire support staff. Overall, good PA’s who can work across various areas of expertise are always in high demand.

Salaries have remained static this year with no marked increases. With employees now paying an additional 2% into their pension schemes you get a sense that candidates are increasingly salary/benefits aware but the need for financial security is still at the top of most candidate’s wish list. Whilst companies might not be paying significantly more than last year candidates are increasingly choosing job security over higher risk roles.


Anderson Hoare Salary Survey 2019