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Lottie Sharland21 Aug 2019
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Q&A With Roxanne Calder, Director At EST10 Recruitment, Sydney

We’ve spoken before about our affiliation with EST10, a fabulous Sydney-based recruitment agency we have strong connections with and who we highly recommend to anyone looking for work in Australia. Like us, EST10 are a boutique recruitment agency who specialise in placing both permanent and temporary Executive Assistants, Personal Assistants and Office Support Specialists in their perfect roles. This week we interview the Managing Director of EST10, Roxanne Calder, to find out what makes her tick and to share her advice on working in the recruitment industry.

Name Roxanne Calder

Title Managing Director

How long have you worked in recruitment? 24 years

What made you get into it? I actually fell into recruitment! I finished my degree, went travelling and after working and travelling for three-plus years, I returned home, attended my first job interview and they suggested I look at recruitment. I never looked back! I started my career at Julia Ross and loved it from the very first day. I have kept my business card from all that time ago - I was so proud to have a business card!! I loved that you could truly excel and there were no limitations or glass ceilings; you were in control of your own destiny. I was also incredibly lucky to start my career and work with some of the most amazing and inspiring women, in a fabulous company that was so supportive of females and females excelling at what they do. I’m still in touch with Julia, the founder of that business, today.

Why did you decide to open your own agency? For the challenge. It was something in my mind from the first time I managed my own recruitment team and office. The thought kept nagging at me and wouldn’t go away. I felt like I was letting myself down by not taking up the challenge. Life is too short not to be excited and enthused about what you do, and part of being like that is to be challenged and out of your comfort zone – it’s where I do my best and most creative work- it stretches you! In creating EST10, I wanted a recruitment business that delivered only the very best in true consulting service and advice. It’s so rewarding and nice when our candidates and clients come back to us each and every time.

What do you enjoy most about recruitment, and what do you find most challenging? I love the building of a business, a brand and putting together a great team. I also love all the relationship building with our clients and candidates (probably my favourite part) and the actual creating of a brand. Oh, I also love training and mentoring- it’s simply the best seeing people in your team grow and develop. The creative part satisfies a part that I didn’t know existed! The challenging part is navigating a very tough economic climate and candidate- short market. But, that is also the wonderful part, as you have to use your brain and there is no place for complacency in this market for recruitment. It certainly keeps you on your toes and keeps you young, which is always a good thing!

Do you have any tips for people working in the recruitment industry? If you are entering into the recruitment industry, I would suggest aligning with a reputable business- one that provides great training and mentoring. The training need not necessarily be a classroom-style training or delivered by a trainer. The latter is good and has its place, however, to be great at what you do, I’m talking about training from experienced, on the job, great managers and senior consultants. They are at the pulse of it all and can give you tips and pieces of information that may take you years to glean. You also need to have a fabulous manager, someone you can relate to, trust and with a strong reputation and high standards. To thrive, you need to love what you are doing. Find the passion- every day, be disciplined, have self-motivation, be “glass half full” and always keep investing in yourself with ongoing learning and development (I do this all the time).

How do you see the future of recruitment? There will always be a place for the people element in recruitment. The needs are too dynamic. However, I believe technology will assist in finding/ sourcing candidates better and quicker than we currently do and then, that’s where the human element will come in to “recruit”. Understanding your clients' needs and being able to sell their proposition versus other options will always be needed. I also believe more niche providers will be called upon to have depth in their candidate base. Companies will always try to source themselves, however as the market becomes even tighter for talent, agencies should expect calls at the 11th or 13th hour- this is where our skills should come, being on the ready with candidates almost at our fingertips.

If you’re thinking of moving to Australia and are looking for work we highly recommend you get in touch with EST10!