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Lottie Sharland5 Apr 2019
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Why Your Company Culture Is So Important

As we showed in our article on Generation Z, the next cohort of talented PAs, EAs and support staff to enter the work place are now looking for more than a competitive pay cheque when seeking a new job. Of course, pay is an important factor, but today’s employees expect more, and being known as a great place to work, or even one of the best companies to work at, is a key motivator in attracting the best talent.

But how do you create that reputation and what gets the best PAs, EAs and office support staff lining up to apply for jobs at your company?

Your Values & Company Culture

Your company culture is incredibly important when attracting new talent, it sets you apart from the crowd and gives your employees and customers something to believe in. Your culture is likely to be derived from a list of written values, but it’s communicated through how your employees act every day, how you behave as a boss and the examples you set in the way you go about your work.

Perhaps your company culture is about diversity, or maybe you want to be known for being a business that stands for fun and happiness? Whatever your values, to communicate your culture you need to act the way you want to feel. Put your values into action through company initiatives and day-to-day schemes and projects, then communicate these in places your potential employees might see then - through social media videos, website blogs and advertising. Ensure you brief us fully on your company culture so we can communicate it to our candidates!

When communicating your company culture your current employees are your biggest asset, they’re the people that potential employees want to hear from so include them in your blogs, videos and advertising. Whether it be your CEO, an account manager or a receptionist, examples of your current employees enjoying their working environment and living out your promised company culture are a great way to communicate that you’re a good place to work. That you’re the kind of company that cares for their employees and puts time and effort into creating a great working environment.

Career Pathways & Personal Growth

It’s easy to view a PA or an office manager as a static role, however our research and experience proves that the overwhelming majority of our candidates are concerned with how they can progress their career in their next role. Companies that encourage career progression and are open about how employees can move into different roles, and offer training to help them do this, are viewed as far better places to work than those that don’t.

Dedicate a section on your website to talking about this and show testimonials from employees that have progressed through the company. Potential employees will see you as a progressive company and the kind of place they could move up the ranks and enjoy a long-term career. You’re more likely to be viewed as a great place to work if you can prove employee progression and show examples of dedication to individual growth.

Rewards & Benefits

Think about how your rewards, benefits and incentives tie in with your company culture. Say you have a hotel and one of your values is being caring, then perhaps a company benefit for your PA could be a quarterly massage subscription or a gym membership, this ties in with your values as it makes your PA feel cared for by the company and demonstrates that you care about their wellbeing. While a bonus is always appreciated, added incentives that are linked to your culture stand you apart from the crowd. Incentivising your employees to engage with your values will help them feel more connected to the company, and if you capture videos and images of your employees talking about their incentives and rewards, or perhaps even participating in them, it gives you great content to share on your social media and website blog, thereby further communicating your values and company culture to potential employees.

Giving something back

One of the criteria for The Times Best Companies To Work For survey is, ‘Giving Something Back’. The survey managers have identified that today’s employees care about the wider social responsibility of their company, and are more likely to enjoy working at, or be attracted to, a company where they feel as though their work is making a positive impact on society. Perhaps you have a company charity and organise events to raise money for it? Or maybe you dedicate a proportion of profits to a charitable cause? Make sure this information is available for potential employees to see on your website and social media.

In conclusion, Generation Z are changing the way we view work; it’s no longer good enough to pay well, meaning and a sense of purpose are now extremely important and more and more of our candidates are asking about the above when they come in for interviews. In most cases many businesses already have schemes that do this, just make sure potential employees know about these. Promote them on your website and social media and make yourself stand out from the crowd and more appealing to the best potential PAs, EAs and Office Support Staff. If you're looking to fill any admin roles then get in touch with us today on enquiries@andersonhoare.co.uk and we'll find you the perfect match.