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Lottie Sharland15 Jan 2019
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Why You Should Hire A Personal Assistant

If you're an overworked entrapreneur, a busy senior manger, or you run a hectic, HNW household, then hiring a personal assistant could change your life. A good PA will keep everything running smoothly allowing you to focus on the bigger picture, resulting in a less stressful day-to-day routine and more capacity for you to concentrate on what matters and what you're good at. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that we only place you with a personal assistant who completely understands your personality and priorities. Click here to read more about our client relationshops promise.

Interested? Keep reading below to see how hiring a Personal Assistant could help you.

Save time

The biggest advantage to having a personal assistant is that he or she can free up your time. By handing over tasks such as filing e-mails, scheduling meetings and running errands to your personal assistant, you’ll have more time to devote to business, your homes, family, leisure and hobbies. Once you get to know each other better a good personal assistant will be able to make decisions on your behalf and, if needed, take charge of your calendar. Thereby not only freeing you from having to complete tasks but taking away the mental stress of having to plan and remember everything as well.

Reduce Stress

Because this extra free time can help you relax more, you’ll be more likely to perform better at work and home, enjoy better physical and mental health and have better relationships with others.

Combined skills

Having an extra pair of hands also means having an extra skill set and resource of knowledge. We’ll match you with a private PA that suits the kind of work that you need them to do, for example you might book a lot of travel and therefore need someone who has extensive knowledge of the best deals and travel companies to use. Or perhaps you own multiple properties and need help managing them. Whatever your requirements we’ll find someone with a skill set to match.

Trusted eyes and ears

When you hire a personal assistant, you have a second set of eyes and ears at your disposal. This is ideal if you need proof reading, fact-checking or simply want a second opinion. Having someone perform these tasks will do more than just free up your time, it will give you peace of mind that because of your personal assistant’s trusted eyes, your work and homelife, will likely be of a consistently higher quality.

Whilst having a personal assistant can seem like an extravagance, in fact having someone to help with the day to day chores of modern life is a far more common occurrence than many people imagine; and for countless individuals a private or corporate PA can be a total life transformer. A study recently published in the US stated that people who spent money to buy themselves time were happier than those who saved the money to spend on material possessions*, and from personal experience we couldn’t agree more. When chosen correctly a good personal assistant is like having a second set of eyes and ears, they’ll take care of the jobs you never have the time (or inclination) to deal with and free up your own time and mental space to deal with the jobs and life events that really need your attention.

In this working relationship a personality match is key as you’ll be working closely together and ultimately want to trust your personal assistant to make important decisions on your behalf. Having worked with numerous clients over the years, placing private and corporate PAs in a multitude of different situations and households, we know exactly what it takes to make that relationship work. If you're looking for a private pa then click here to visit our speciifc private pa web page and drop us a line on privatepa@andersonhoare.co.uk for more information. If you're after a corporate pa then get in touch with us at enquiries@andersonhoare.co.uk and view our client relationship page here.

Written in assosiation with Almost Essential