Private Personal Assistant

Private Personal Assistant

At Anderson Hoare, our founder Diana has specialised in placing Private PAs into the households of UHNWI for the past 27 years. Working as a Private Personal Assistant is a unique and highly skilled job, and our experience in this sector of the industry means we know the importance of ensuring the match between Private PA and their boss is exactly right.

What is a Private Personal Assistant?

A Private Personal Assistant (Private PA) is someone who directly supports an individual to help them run their personal life. There may be business aspects involved, say if the individual runs their own business, but your predominant responsibilities will be to the individual and their family, including any children and spouses.

Typical Private PA duties

Your duties as a Private PA will be dependent on the individual or family you work for. You’ll be responsible for the day-to-day running of their home life and will, most likely, be directly reporting to one member of the family. You’ll carry out all typical PA duties, such as booking travel, liaising with other members of staff, arranging diaries and planning events. However, there will be other duties that are hard to predict; for example, if the family have properties abroad you may be expected to travel frequently and help manage these, and you might also be asked to work varied hours to fit in with their lifestyle. Working as a Private PA is a challenging role, but it can also be extremely rewarding as you’ll directly see the results of your hard work, planning and problem solving on a day-to-day basis. Many Private PAs become extremely close to the individual or family they work for, creating a unique working relationship. Take a look at our blog here to experience a day in the life of a Private PA.

What qualifications do I need to be Private Personal Assistant?

No official qualifications are needed to become a Private PA, but this isn’t a job that suits everyone, and particular skills and personality traits will vastly improve your chance of getting, and succeeding in, a Private PA job. On paper, the ideal Private PA should be organised, personable, caring, not afraid to get stuck in and always willing to help. The key to securing a job is previous Private PA experience and the best way to get this is by working in a hybrid business/private pa role, or at least having Business PA experience. A qualification from Quest or OMBS will also help.

Live Private Personal Assistant Jobs

Because of the confidential nature of Private PA roles, we don’t advertise them on our website. If you would like to hear about our Private PA roles please email us on